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Current Group Members

Former Group Members

Name Former Position Current position Mail
Jean-Jacques Pansiot Full Professor Emeritus
Antoine Gallais Associate Professor Professor Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France
Damien Magoni Associate Professor Professor Univ. Bordeaux
Stella Marc-Zwecker Associate Professor Associate Professor UdS
Raymond Schneider Associate Professor Associate Professor IUT(Illkirch) UdS
Olivier Togni Postdoctoral fellow Associate Professor Univ. Bourgogne
Odnan Ref Sanchez Postdoctoral fellow
Abdelghani Alloui PhD Student
Julien Beaudaux PhD Student Engineer Schiller @
Randa Ben Hassen PhD Student
Jean-Marie Bonnin PhD Student Professor, head of RSM Department, ENSTB(Rennes)
Francois Clad PhD Student Software engineer Cisco
Cosmin Cobârzan PhD Student Software Developer, SOGETI
Mouhamadou Diagne PhD Student
Mickael Hoerdt PhD Student Postdoctoral fellow (INL, UCL, Belgium)
Oana Iova PhD Student Associate Professor INSA of Lyon
Emil Ivov PhD Student Chief Video Architect Atlassian (which aquired Bluejimp) @
Christophe Jelger PhD Student Postdoctoral fellow Univ. Bâle(CH)
Romain Kuntz PhD Student Researcher Toyota Inc (USA)
Jean Lorchat PhD Student Researcher IIJ (Japan)
Vincent Lucas PhD student Engineer for Bluejimp startup @
Nicolas Montavont PhD Student Professor Telecom Bretagne (Rennes)
Georgios Z. Papadopoulos PhD Student Associate Professor IMT Atlantique
David Paté PhD Student Engineer Lilly (Fegersheim)
Alexander Pelov PhD student Associate Professor Télécom Bretagne (Rennes)
Damien Roth PhD Student
Rodrigo Teles Hermeto PhD Student R&D engineer @ Altran Research
Martin André Engineer Engineer NICT (Japan)
Nicolas Dichtel Engineer
Yana Stamcheva Engineer Engineer Bluejimp startup @
Sébastien Vincent Engineer Engineer in Bluejimp startup @
Erkan Valentin Engineer Engineer Atheo