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Welcome to the UBIQUITY project main page.


Icube's Network and TRIO research groups have started a collaboration on self-configurable wireless sensor networks urban climate monitoring. The objective of the UBIQUITY project is to collect data from sensors deployed over urban areas, while addressing the constraints of cost and energy savings.

Autonomous sensors will self-organize to build a reliable collection topology. For instance, we will deploy a self-configurable wireless sensor network, arranged on specific urban trees. Data will be collected to quantify the heat and vapor exchange induced by these plants. The processing of acquired data will allow us to highlight the contribution of urban vegetation to radiative and turbulent exchanges, and thus to the local thermal comfort.

The UBIQUITY project is part of the Icube's transversal research program axis "Environment and sustainable development". These deployments will not only supply the model developed by the TRIO research group, but also those of traffic data used in simulation and experimentation phases of network protocols.




Comming soon.